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The Aletlier de Formation Joie de Vivre

The Aletlier de Formation Joie de Vivre was opened at Chemin Grenier in 1989 by Sr Marie Luisa Guiterez, assisted by Mirella Boguet, to take care of youngsters who were wandering around the village, to give them basic education, to keep them far from the dangers of life in the street and to help them becoming responsible adults.

The school has been operating in old building on land belonging to the local parish for more than 20 years. Today school has been built on a plot of land of 13000 m2 at Chemin Grenier leased for 99 years at the “peppercorn rent” of MRU 1 per annum by Mr. Jean-Loup Brousse de Gersigny.

The works have been made possible thanks to the support received from the European Union, Mr. Alex Fon Sing CBE, and various companies through the Corporate Social Responsibility. The new building has been inaugurated on 21st June 2010. It is the first phase of our development.

60 young girls and boys aged between 12 and 18 years old attend courses at Joie de Vivre this year. They come from Chemin Grenier and neighboring villages and also from remote places such as Black River and Chamarel on west. 

Courses range from alphabetization to preparation for the CPE exams. Our main activities are Arts & Crafts, Pastry, Gardening and Music.
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